About Legs

Get To Know LegsPay

LegsPay is the Entrepreneur’s one-stop-payments-shop for all of your merchant service needs. Jack ‘JackyLegs’ Costanzo is the Founder and driving force behind LegsPay Business Solutions. At only 31 years of age, Jack has 9 years of unique experience in the payments industry, and has distinguished himself as an Electronic Transactions Association-Certified Payments Professional.

After graduating in 2010, Jack started his payments career directly out of college with the ISO and high level software/web development firm-NELIX TRANSAX. Now a payment gateway provider, TRANSAX Gateway is among the best and most functionally powerful payment gateways in the industry. During his 6 years at TRANSAX, Jack excelled in high level merchant sales, agent recruiting, business development, training strategic partners, analytical problem solving and account management. LegsPay now operates as an Independent Sales Agent for a number of different processors, POS systems and software providers. As such, LegsPay offers a diverse and powerful array of payment processing solutions that will enable your small, medium, or enterprise business to thrive.

During his free time, Jack likes to stay active by exercising, playing competitive sports, making people laugh, and spending quality time with his family and friends. Jack is the Captain for a highly competitive softball team during the summer, plays basketball year-round on a regular basis, ran track in high school, and has spent his whole life playing every sport imaginable. His personality, drive, hustle, determination, and surprising athleticism for only being 5’6 earned him the nickname JackyLegs.  

The same passion, work ethic, ambition, and unique skill set that nicknamed him JackyLegs will continue to be the driving force leading LegsPay Business Solutions.

Jack Costanzo, ETA-CPP. Principal, LegsPay Business Solutions. Western Illinois University-Bachelors of Business Management-Minor in Marketing, 2010.