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Do you already process credit card transactions through an existing merchant account, but think your rates are too high? Not sure how to read your current statements to breakdown your true processing costs? Please send Jack 3 recent months of merchant account statements, along with a brief description on how you currently process payments. Jack will complete your statement analysis and provide a LegsPay pricing quote within 24 hours.

LegsPay Statement Analyses are GUARANTEED to:

  • Determine your account’s specific type of rate structure. (Flat, Tiered, IC+, ERR, SaaS, Custom, etc.)
  • Identify the actual rates being applied, specific to the type of rate structure.
  • Calculate the exact sales volume distribution being applied to each applicable rate.
  • Input your current costs on each month’s analysis with 100% accuracy, per each month’s statement.
  • Analyze your current processing trends specific to your business, industry, and compare how they align with Interchange.
  • Provide a fully transparent, side-by-side analysis showing how much money you could have saved processing with LegsPay.

LegsPay guarantees in the very least, to match current merchant account costs. However, our full prerogative is to educate you on Interchange, lower your rates where possible, and save you money with a more cost effective LegsPay account. VIEW SAMPLE LEGSPAY ANALYSIS

Interchange Education

Understanding what Interchange is, and how it’s applied is essential to set-up a cost effective merchant account. Interchange refers to the 500+ line items of wholesale costs from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Each Interchange line item outlines the card associations’ wholesale cost to process every type of credit and debit card, in every possible way, within every specific industry. Each line item consists of a % rate and per transaction fee, with a pretty significant variance in costs between the 500 line items. Some regulated debit cards are as low as .05%, while there are some foreign credit card line items as high as 3.5%. Considering the complexity of Interchange, combined with how many different ways a merchant service provider can price a merchant’s rate structure over interchange, there is almost always room to save merchants money with better rates. Contact Jack to receive your Interchange Education and free statement analysis.

New Start-Up?

Are you a brand new business setting up processing services for the first time? Don’t have current statements for an analysis? Don’t worry, LegsPay has your back. Contact Jack to discuss your functionality needs, review pricing options, and set-up your ideal payment processing solution with LegsPay today!